Sugar: A Horror Story

Barnes and Noble/Nook

Everybody in town has heard the story of the killer clown and the babysitter, but Terrence and Stacy know the truth is worse than any urban legend. They’re young, smart, and proud of their three boys—and their lives are about to shatter. A tale of creeping terror and psychological horror. Buy now as an eBook, or catch it in print as part of Restless from Frith Books. 

New from Frith Books: Restless: An Anthology. This collection of horror tales includes my story “Sugar,” along with the works of master fear-mongers like Raven McAllister and Aryan Bollinger. Ten stories in all, but I doubt you’ll get through them all without suffering a heart attack. Consider yourself warned. . . .

 The Book of 
 Deadly Animals
(AKA Deadly Kingdom) 

Nonfiction. A compendium of human-animal conflicts and the science behind them. "What a wealth of information Gordon Grice is, and what a fine, beguiling writer." 
– David Sedaris     MORE

 The Red Hourglass

Nonfiction. Science, lore, and first-hand experiences of spiders, snakes, wolves, and more. "This is first-rate, unsentimental writing about nature and about the ways that human beings try to cope with the most terrible cruelties that nature offers up."--The New York Times     MORE

 Shark Attacks

Barnes and Noble

Nonfiction. Gordon Grice and National Geographic take you inside the Mind of the Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator in this eBook Short. Gripping stories of Shark attacks combine with cutting-edge research to reveal how our fate hinges on that of the great predators. MORE

Cabinet of Curiosities


Cabinet of Curiosities is exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Lavish, oversize, illustrated, and chock-full, it introduces kids to the wonders of natural history.  MORE


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