An Old-Fashioned Horror Story

It starts with little things: a chess game the kids shouldn’t know how to play, a game of hide-and-seek that goes on way too long, a strange voice just below the household noise… and the missing pounds of sugar.

Everybody in town has heard the story of the killer clown and the babysitter, but Terrence and Stacy know the truth is worse than any urban legend. They’re  young, smart, and proud of their three boys—and their lives are about to shatter.

What’s wrong with the boys? Who are they talking to when they think no one’s around? Gordon Grice spins a tale of creeping terror and psychological horror in a short story following the traditions of J. Sheridan LeFanu and Robert Aickman.

Sugar will also feature in the anthology Restless, coming soon from Frith Books.

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